US Navy Reserve 1966-1972:

 I joined the US Navy (Reserve) in 1966. My decision to join was that I was brought up to believe it was my duty to serve my country. I chose the Navy for clean living conditions, ability to travel throughout the world, I was the son of a WWII Coast Guard veteran and by joining the reserves I was able to get my affairs in order during the first year before going on active duty. This was important as we were at the height of the Viet Nam War and I was unaware of where my first duty station would be.


 When I reported for active duty at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York, I was handed a set of orders directing me to the Commander of Amphibious Operations Atlantic at Little Creek Amphibious Base in Virginia, and was assigned to Beach Jumper Unit #2. Upon my arrival at the Amphib Base I reported to the quarterdeck of what was once the base brig and was now the Beach Jumper Unit. The physical location of the unit would later become clear to me once I received my Secret clearance. I served my entire active duty tour as an Electrician Mate 3rd Class in Beach Jumper Unit #2. Although I was not sent into the war zone, many other Beach Jumpers from Unit #1 in San Diego were sent to Viet Nam.


 I received an early release from active duty in 1968, as did some 5,000 reservists at that time. This early release eventually made it possible for me to take the police officer exam for the Saddle Brook Police Department.


 In 1996 when I put up my first webpage about having been a Navy Beach Jumper, I was contacted by a dozen other Beach Jumpers from around the country. This prompted me to develop a more informative website about Navy Beach Jumpers and by 2003 an association was formed and our first reunion was held in Virginia. Today (2007) we have over 400 members, a slate of Officers and a Board of Directors.


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